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Balance Sheet

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Quick Study Sheet

The Format of the Balance Sheet: 
Assets:                                                                       Liabilities:
Current Assets                                                Current Liabilities:
            Cash                                                               Accounts Payable
            Accounts Receivable                                      Accrued Expenses (Liabilities)
            Inventory                                                         Unearned Revenues
            Prepaid Expenses                                           “_______” Payables                           
            Short-term Investments                                  Income Taxes Payable
            Short-term Notes Receivable                         Short-term Notes Payable
            Supplies                                                         Current Portion of Long-term Debt
                 Total Current Assets                                              Total Current Liabilities
            Long-term Investments                                   Bonds Payable
            Long-term Notes Receivable                          Long-term Debt
                                                                                   Long term Notes Payable
                                                                                   Total Liabilities
            Property/Plant/Equipment (P/P/E):
                 Less Accumulated Depreciation
                       Net P/P/E                                             Stockholder’s Equity:
            Intangible Assets                                             Common Stock
              Goodwill                                                        Additional Paid in Capital
              Patents, net                                                   Retained Earnings
              Trademarks, net                                            less Treasury Stock
              Copyrights, net                                                                                             
                Total Intangible Assets                                   Total Stockholder’s Equity
            Other Assets                                      
            Total Assets                           =          Total Liabilities & Stockholder’s  Equity
Operating cycle – the time it takes a company to spend cash to do business and get the cash back again.  – Buy inventory, pay expenses, sell the inventory to a customer, collect receivables
The balance sheet is listed in the order of liquidity – how soon it will impact cash
Current means the cash is expected to be collected or paid in 1 year or less
Long term/Non-current means the cash is expected to be collected or paid > 1 year
The balance sheet is reported at historical cost; FM value on the date of the transaction




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